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 The Rules Of PokéPortal

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PostSubject: The Rules Of PokéPortal   Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:18 pm

1. Language
-Keep it friendly. We don't want swearing or use of inappropriate words, first we will warn you and if you continue, it will result in a ban.

2. Insulting
-No insulting anyone using this forum, this includes guests, members, and staff. This also includes flaming and bashing.
-Debates are okay, but if it turns into flaming wars you will be warned. If it continues you will be banned.

3. Spamming
-Spamming is not tolerated.
-Repeating posts or threads, writing short responses, and/or writing messages off topic to raise post count or annoy other users is prohibited.
-Remember: When posting a topic make sure posts are an appropriate length (more than 2 words). Be on topic!
-You will be warned and if it continues, it will result in short-term or permanent ban.

4. Stealing
-Stealing is inappropriate and strictly prohibited. Our staff works to make PokéPortal more appealing through picture and ideas.
-If you take an image or idea without permission you will be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.
-Be creative, don't plagiarize.

5. Linking and Advertising
-This is allowed on profile and Your Links category ONLY. If you begin advertising on other areas you will be banned.
-If you advertise a website that host inappropriate and/or illegal material you will be banned permanently. PERMANENTLY

6. Help
-If you have questions, just ask! Our staff will be happy to help. No one ever learns if they don't ask.

7. Have Fun!

Note: These rules apply to the forum and the chat.


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The Rules Of PokéPortal
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